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Fall 2015 Meal Plan Sign-Up

The last day to sign up for a meal plan is September 3rd! Click here to learn about meal plan options and to sign up!

Going Greek? Learn More About the Greek 5 Meal Plan!

If you are a Freshman Experience participant and pledging a Greek Fraternity or Sorority, click here to learn more about our Greek 5 Meal Plan and how to switch! How to request a Greek 5 Meal Plan

Fall Catering Limited Time Offers

See our new Fall 2015 Catering Limited Time Offers here! Click here to see our new Catering LTOs!

What's the difference?

Meal plans vs. Dining Dollars vs. BuzzFunds: What's the difference? Learn about the differences between Meal Plan swipes, Dining Dollars, and BuzzFunds here!

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