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Dining @ Tech

COMING FALL 2017: Unique & Cultural Flavors at West Village

New West Village LogoThe new dining location, West Village at Georgia Tech, will bring the flavors of the world to the local level. The campus community will enjoy freshly prepared cuisine and distinctive cultural tastes created by our award winning chefs at five (5) eateries in West Village including: 

  • Farmhouse
  • Local Chef
  • Olive
  • Simple Servings
  • Spice Trail

Images of West Village

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Village Bakery WV 7-16

 Farm House WV 7-16

 Olive WV 7-16 

Local Chef WV 7-16

spice trail wv 7-16

 Panera WV 7-16

 Starbucks WV 7-16




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First Floor Dining Option:

Panera Bread

Offering freshly baked artisan products, salads, sandwiches, soups and pastries.

Second Floor Dining Options:


Correct Farm House LogoOur Farmhouse will feature the best of roasted and grilled items from throughout the Americas. Whether it is North Carolina style BBQ to Texas Style Brisket or Pacific herb roasted salmon to Caribbean style pork loin all of our items are roasted and smoked to perfection and paired with seasonally grown items we procure from local farms such as collard greens, tomatoes, and summer corn and house made pickles. And from our daily grill we feature South Family Farm all natural, grass fed burgers, house made turkey burgers and vegetarian house made black bean and mushroom burgers.


OliveOlive brings its influence from Italy featuring pizzas and pasta while at the same time offering cooked to order specialty macaroni and cheese. We will produce upscale pizzas with house pulled mozzarella cheese and fresh pesto to Thai Chicken Curry and Roasted eggplant and local arugula. Cassorettes fresh from the oven featuring pasta primavera from locally sourced vegetables to southwestern chicken enchilada with chipotle pepperjack sauce. And macaroni and cheese for all tastes – whether lobster and sherry or house cured bacon with smoked gouda.

Local Chefs Station

Correct Local Chef LogoA station dedicated to featuring the best of what is local. One day it will feature one of the area’s local chefs preparing meals right in front of the students and the next day we will have a chef featuring Springer Mountain Farm Chicken from just up the road in North Georgia. We will be able to showcase both the local talent and local ingredients from Atlanta and the surrounding area. In addition to all this the building will feature both our Commissary Kitchen and Commissary Pastry Kitchen where we produce from scratch items that are delivered campus wide. Turkey, ham and roast beef roasted for deli stations along with fresh salad dressings and stocks, to fresh Danish and muffins for breakfast along with cookies, cakes, dessert bars and vegetarian and vegan desserts delivered twice a day to all dining locations on campus.

Simple Servings

Simple servingsSimple Servings Station stands alone to offer a safe dining option to those individuals who suffer from allergies. Here we offer a complete station that is peanut, tree nut, shellfish, fish, soy, wheat, dairy, and egg free. Fresh salad options with a variety of toppings will also be featured at Simple Servings daily.

Spice Trail

Correct Spice Trail LogoSpice trail will feature the tastes and dishes from the routes traveled by Marco Polo from the Mediterranean to the Far East. We will offer such items as Lebanese Beef Kafta with tahini sauce and Pork Vindaloo with basmati rice to Shrimp Pad Thai and Chicken Katsudon.

Third Floor Dining Option:


Starbucks Logo 2016Offering premium Starbucks® coffees. Every coffee we offer is expertly roasted and handcrafted all the way from the farm to you. It’s a commitment to quality that’s evident in every single cup. Stop by and enjoy a great tasting cup of freshly brewed coffee and see for yourself.

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