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Georgia Institute of Technology

Dining @ Tech

Nutrition Facts & Allergy Information 

Georgia Tech Dining Services' dietitian, Amber Johnson, helped put together an inclusive dining brochure for students who experience food allergies and sensitivities, or are simply looking to eat healthy on campus! View our Healthy Eating Guide here.

Georgia Tech is an AllerTrain food allergy and gluten-free training certified university! Members of our staff have successfully completed the five comprehensive levels of food allergy training provided by the AllerTrain Educational Suite of Courses. See a map of all certified colleges and universities!

Our food allergies and gluten free policies are featured in Allergic Living! Find out more about Disability Services, Dining Services, and Housing's policies here.  



Nutrition information 
Allergen guide 
Better options


Dunkin Donuts

Nutrition information 
Allergen information (click on each individual food item)
DDSmart - Better for You Choices



Nutrition information 
Allergen chart

Taco Bell Express

Nutrition information 
Food Allergens & Sensitivities

Starbucks - We Proudly Serve

Food nutrition information 
Drink nutrition information

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