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Georgia Institute of Technology

Dining @ Tech

Community Restaurants

Do you want to have a say in your Food Service Program? Speak with your Food Service Manager about your comments or concerns. In addition, you can be involved in the decision making process about new meal programs and ways to improve your food service program. We value your input! Comment Cards are a quick and simple way to to make suggestions and to get your question answered.

Ty Anderson
Ty Anderson
Campus Operations Director

Jonathan Elwell
Chef Jonathan Elwell
Campus Executive Chef

Chef Kat
Chef Katherine Benson
Campus Pastry Chef

Chef Justin
Chef Justin Gillette
Athletics Executive Chef

Michael C
Michael Kramer
Edge Community Restaurant Manager

Ronnie Harry
Ronnie Harry
North Avenue Community Restaurant Operations Manager

John Barrett Headshot
Chef John Barrett
North Avenue Community Restaurant Executive Chef

coming soon for meet the team
Coming Soon
North Avenue Community Restaurant Service Manager

Deanna C
Deanna Cioffi
Brittain Community Restaurant Operations Manager

Stephan Devoe
Stephan Devoe
Brittain Community Restaurant Executive Chef

Lindsey Borsack
Lindsey Borsack
Brittain Community Restaurant Service Manager

Chef Melissa
Melissa Holcombe
Georgia Tech Commissary Chef

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